Atmospheric Fluid Artwork by Sarah Louise Smith

Sarah’s art combines her passion for marble, geodes and feminine beauty. She uses watercolours, acrylic and digital techniques to express a spectrum of colours and emotions.

🌙 A N    I N T R O D U C T I O N     F R O M     S A R A H 🌙
Painting soothes my soul. My earliest memories of drawing & painting are when I was around 5 years old at my late Grandma’s house. Every Sunday she would let me scribble in her cookery notebook & I just loved it. I studied Art & Design at GCSE & A-Level, focusing on colours, flowers & biology/science. When it came to the time I had to go to Uni…I didn’t want to! I didn’t know what career I wanted & I thought I’d never get anywhere financially with artwork. Instead of Uni I chose to study at Leeds College of Art & Design in 2000 for a year which resulted in a diploma & feeling of pride, yet still at a loss for a career.
I embarked on a career in marketing & advertising, where I stayed for 14 years. Very rarely would I paint, perhaps once a year. In 2015 I jumped on the trend of adult colouring in books & dedicated most evenings to this. I felt calm & relaxed & my love for art was slowly reigniting.
Then came 23rd January, 2018 when I miscarried my first baby. I spiralled into anxiety then depression. I tried counselling & every other alternative method to medication to help get me out of this hole. Nothing was working, so out came my paintbrushes and I healed myself. We sadly experienced our second miscarriage on 26th March, 2019.
The therapeutic discovery of painting enables me to temporarily detach myself from the world & immerse myself into some form of meditation. It takes me to a higher place & reminds me of what I love & who I am. Once I have finished painting, I feel so positive & happy & energetic, yet soothed.
I hope my paintings express this as theres a whole lotta love that goes into them.
Sarah x