What is the difference between ‘Prints’ and ‘Original Artwork’?

Prints are poster-like copies of an original piece. I create a piece of artwork on high quality acrylic or watercolour paper, then have them professionally scanned and printed onto A4.

Original Artwork pieces are created on canvases. They are varnished and arrive ready to hang. I have a selection of various sizes available to buy, but once they’re gone, they’re gone! I can create a canvas for you in any size you wish – just let me know and I will order the canvas in to my studio.

Tell me about the quality & size of your prints?

All of my prints are created from original artwork and are printed on a professional printer in high resolution. They are printed on 250gsm silk paper (they appear matte). If you prefer the print to be on glossy photo paper, just leave a note when you purchase on Etsy. They are all printed in A4. If you do require a smaller or larger size, just let me know before you purchase (email Sarah@SLSGallery.co.uk).

Is the frame included when ordering prints?

No. I have chosen to showcase my prints in frames on my website and social media, purely so you can see what you could achieve when placing my print in a frame. If I were to include a frame, the product cost and postage costs would increase by at least £10 so I decided to keep the costs down for you. Plus, everyone has their own style and interior design ideas, so you can place the print in your own frame.

How do you create your original pieces of artwork?

Every original piece is hand painted by me using the best quality of materials. I use a combination of acrylics, watercolours and metallic resins to create the marble abstract pieces. All original pieces are finished with a glossy varnish to ensure they stay protected for years.

Why am I directed to Etsy to make my purchase?

Running a business takes a lot of time, especially when you own two like I do!

I create many new paintings every single week. Once they have dried, I have them professionally scanned into my Mac so I can then create the product imagery which you see on my website and social media. All this takes time.

Previously, I added each item to my website then replicated each onto Etsy (a site where you can buy and sell handmade products from independent makers like me). I have found that 99% of my sales are made via Etsy, and although they take a % of my cost, I continue to enjoy selling via there.

If you feel uncomfortable using Etsy, simply send me an email [Sarah@SLSGallery.co.uk] and I will provide you with a link to my business PayPal account where you can deposit money there.

How do I request a custom piece?

Simple! Just send me a message.

Tell me whether you want a print or a canvas; what colours you like and what size you want. I will then provide you with a quote and take payment via PayPal. You can expect your artwork to be created, thoroughly dried and varnished and posted to you within 1-2 weeks from placing your order with me.

You can contact me via Etsy [https://etsy.com/uk/shop/slsgalleryshop] or on email Sarah@SLSGallery.co.uk or via Facebook [www.Facebook.com/SLSGallery] and Instagram [www.Instagram.com/SLS.Gallery].

This applies to businesses too. I have created custom abstract canvases for beauty salons and hairdressers, and am keen to create pieces for hotels and restaurants so do get in touch!

What is a brand rep and how do I become one?

As I am just starting out as a business, I am keen to get exposure and the best form of doing so is by spreading the word via social media. A brand rep is essentially an influencer or blogger who has a large following on social media.

I am focusing on Instagram brand reps currently. I am happy to create an original canvas piece or print for free, in exchange for the brand rep posting a photo of the artwork in their home and tagging me @SLS.Gallery

If you are into interior design or are a new home owner in particular, I’d love to hear from you.

If you are interested please contact me via the form below:

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